Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Frontline Plus comes to the rescue your pets from fleas and ticks

Fleas and ticks are a common problem globally. Frontline Plus is one of the top flea medicines. Here are some good to know the facts. 

As the fleas get to their work of sucking the blood out of our pets, we need to be prepared for their invasion. Fleas are known to act at a very fast rate and if we don’t match their pace, the pet will suffer from bigger problems in the future. 

Luckily, there are people out there who are working round the clock to help us fight fleas. Frontline Plus is a time tested anti-flea treatment that has been topping the charts for a long time now.

Let us get an insight of what the product is all about.

  • This flea medicine is designed in such a way that it works at every stage of the life cycle of the flea. Only getting rid of adult fleas is not sufficient as there may an army of baby fleas at various stages in their life who are getting ready to attack. 
  • It also takes care of ticks and the diseases spread by it. Most common problems like the Lyme diseases can be curbed at the initial stage itself. 
  • Frontline contains chemicals that adversely affect the growth in fleas. Major chemicals involve fipronil and methoprene. The former mixes with the glands that secret oil and is thus spread throughout the pet’s body. It continues to be released even at a later time thus getting rid of any fleas still alive in the pet’s fur. The latter restricts the growth of flea eggs, pupae or larvae and they cannot grow any further and as a result they are killed. Both the chemicals have been continuously tested and have shown no major side effects.
  •  It is being made taking into consideration the age, size and breed of your pet and can be used in the pet’s as young as 8 weeks.  Even the pregnant, lactating or breeding pets can it be used upon.   

So whether it is fleas on dogs or cats, Frontline has always been in the front line to rescue pets from fleas and ticks.

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