Friday, 3 April 2015

Never Give A Pet The Medications That Are Not Suitable For It!

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Would you get yourself a medicine that doesn’t suit you? Definitely not! Likewise, you should be very careful while giving your pet any pet medications! Because if you give meds that doesn’t suit your pet’s health, it will create serious health issues & can be life threatening! Pet medicines are necessary when you & your family is facing pet health issues or when you want to prevent an occurrence of a certain disease your pooch has risks of getting exposed to. Pet medications can be acquired over the counter, known as OTC medications, or through vet prescription.

A number of new medicines are regularly available for our furry companions to help improve their health & for their safety. But it is very important to first understand that pet medicines & prescriptions should be used with a thorough understanding of their effects as well as side effects.

You should be watchful of unwanted side effects and thus, you should also be in touch with your vet when in doubt regarding pet medication &/or its use.

Human Medicines for Pets—A Big No

  • Never ever decide on your own to give human medicine to your pet
  • Opt for medications that are especially made for pets, as human medicines may have ingredients that are not suitable for canine body or may also be toxic for pets.
  • It is also not suggested to give dog medicines to cat and/or vice versa; such as using Frontline Plus for Dogs for cats and vice versa

Injection, Tablets or Topical Creams & Sprays

  • Pet medicines are now available in a lot forms such as powders, injections, tablets, & topical creams or sprays
  • Medications in the form of spray or even spot-on are generally pet fleas’ medications such as Frontline Plus or Frontline Spot-On
  • Consult with your vet before starting any medication for your furry companion

Over the Counter & Vet Prescribed Medications

  • You can use over the counter (OTC) medication but only if you are very sure that your pet is suffering from a certain illness & that it is not severe
  • Do not buy any online medications for dogs or cats without checking its authenticity or just because they are cheap pet meds; make sure that meds are not expired & are authentic before getting them

However, if your pet doesn't respond to given OTC treatment or displayed more serious signs, it is may be that the medicine is not suitable to the pet’s current condition! In such case, it is always best to consult with your vet for some prescribed meds, which will suit the pet’s health condition & will be more effective than OTC meds.

You can get a variety of dogs flea tick medications online at GenericFrontlinePlus at affordable prices & with timely delivery services.

So, treat your pet as you would treat yourself & be careful while giving your pet any medications.

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