Friday, 27 March 2015

Pet Medications that You Must Keep At Home

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Just like you, your pet is also prone to sickness and thus will need medications to treat as well as prevent any diseases. Hence, better pet health has become an important part of dogs’ health issues & care or pet parenting thus it is always better to keep all most needed dog medical supplies or medications at home at all times.

When any medical condition occurs for your pooch, your vet might recommend one or more than one medications that can treat, manage, or cure whatever the health issue.

Here is the information about some of the pet medications & supplements that you, as a responsible & caring pet parent, should always & always keep in your in your home and in the first aid kit for your dogs & cats, in order to keep the pet away from minor infections & illnesses before those become a big health issue.

Fleas & Ticks

Pest preventives top this list of ‘must have pet medicines’ as parasites’ problem is the most common issue that every pet and its owner has to face sometime in pet’s lifespan! Thus, some best quality flea preventive medications such as, Frontline Plus, Fiprofort Plus, Certifect, Advantix,  and Fiprofort Spray, and so on to keep the parasites at bay.

Overall Health & Growth

‘Dancing Paws Daily Multivitamin & Minerals’ is a must have supplement for your pet’s overall and normal growth as well as longevity. It provides essential nutrients that your pooch needs on a daily basis to achieve normal growth.

Ear Care

Pet ear care is important, too. Although there are many ear care products available in the market, following are one of the finest quality ear care products:
  • Ilium Ear Drops
  • Sleeky Cotton Buds for Pets
Both of these products will help keep your pooch’s ear health intact.

Dental Care

To keep the pet’s teeth & overall oral health intact, one must have the following products that act as a medication to make the task easier for you & your pup
  • Synergy Labs’ Dental Fresh for Dogs
  • Dentipet Finger Tooth Brush
  • Buddle Buddle Organic Dental Care toothpaste
Joints & Bone Care

To keep your pooch strong its bones must be strong & to maintain the bone health one must have Dancing Paws High Potency Joint Recovery Supplements for Dogs at home. It boosts longevity as well as better digestion and enhances the pet bone joints’ health.

So, all these are the must have pet care medications which you can get at any local dog care store or if you need the comfort of your home you can buy online dog meds in Canada. However, always remember to visit your vet to keep your pet even healthier & happier!

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