Thursday, 30 April 2015

Dog Isn’t Taking Medicines? Follow These Now!

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Giving medicines to pet is sometimes most challenging job for pet owners as our pet companions are like kids; both of them hate their medicines and moreover, pets can’t grab or take a glass of water to gulp down any pill or tablet. Thus, you—as a pet parent—have to a little bit more resourceful. But don’t worry; with a bit preparation, medication administering can be made easier.

First of all, before medicating your pooch, keep all the required supplies together& handy along with some delicious treats to make your pet’s experience positive &more pleasant (just as you do when treating the pooch with external dog flea medicines like Advantix flea medication or other Frontline flea control products). Here are some tips to help you make your pooch take its medications.

Pet Food

  • Food can provide great help to feed your pup its medicines
  • Put a whole pill or the powdered pill or even liquid medicines in your pup’s food or drinking water
  • Pets love their food, so just crush the pooch’s pill & put it in its snacks, food, treats, or cream cheese

Use Hands

You can also use your hands to give medicine to your furry love. Just follow these steps; but before you start remind yourself to be very cautious & careful as you need to prevent choking:
  • Have your canine family member sit upright
  • Tilt its head back a little bit
  • Open its mouth
  • And finally, just drop the capsule or pill
  • Massage the pet’s neck & throat to help it swallow the medicine to help it swallow the pill

Pill Dropper

  • A pill dropper looks like a syringe; the only difference in them is that a pill dropper drops a tablet or pill in the pet’s mouth
  • Pill droppers can be useful for capsules & pills that can’t be put in your pet’s food
  • Tilt your pooch’s head a bit towards back and carefully guide the pill dropper in its mouth, drop the medicine, and gently massage your pet’s neck. Do as you would while giving the medicines using your hands

Remember to always follow and do as your vet instructs you about how & when the pet medicines are to be administered. Make sure that your pup has ‘actually’ ingested its medicine in order for the medicine to be effective. Keep your pet safe at all times from any illness and parasites, too. Regularly treat the pooch with dog flea treatment & visit your vet regularly for advice or instructions for pet’s health.

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