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What Does Your Adorable Pet’s Skin And Coat reveal?

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Have you as a pet owner ever bothered to take time and closely inspect the condition of the coat of your pet? Do you use flea products for eradicating fleas on pets? If not it is high time you started doing so.

Effect of  fleas on pet’s skin and coat:

  • Your pet’s skin and coat reveals a whole lot of information about the condition of your pet’s health.
  • Similar to humans, even pets are prone for skin allergies resulting in a dull and flaky coat.
  • Regular infestations of fleas can make a pet’s skin allergic resulting in itchy skin. 

How do flea products help?

By using  any of the following flea products  with insect growth regulators such as

Adult fleas account for only 1 to 5% of flea population. The rest 95% are larvae, eggs and pupa. Hence, it becomes mandatory to eliminate them.

By using the flea medicines with insect growth regulators, a pet lover can effectively control fleas on pets.

A pet owner can be reassured that his pet is going to have a shiny, healthy and silky coat as the major cause for dull, flaky and itchy skin in most pets is due to flea allergy dramatis.

Following steps listed below will act as a guide for pet lovers to care for their pet’s skin and coat:

Healthy Diet:

  • The importance of a healthy diet for pets along with adequate water for drinking cannot be underrated. 
  • Foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids if fed to pets will help a pet develop a shiny and silky fur coat. 
Regular grooming:

  • Though pets are known to regularly groom themselves, a grooming routine, if maintained always helps. 
  • This is due to the fact that self-grooming does not completely remove dust, dirt and bacteria from the pet’s body.
  • As a result, the chances of skin allergies and irritation increases manifold in pets. 
  • Give bath to the pet with a good flea control soap or shampoo helps kill bacteria and microorganisms causing odor in pets. 
  • Bathing if followed up with a good moisturizer helps keep a pet’s coat soft and shiny. 

Controlling shedding in pets:

  • Shedding in pets cannot be totally prevented. 
  • All pets end up shedding. While some shed less other shed more.
  • By using the right grooming tool meant for pets, the shedding process in pets can be effectively managed. 

Consulting the vet:

  • Though fleas are a major cause for allergy in pets, canines can develop allergies even due to various other reasons. 
  • Regular consultation with a vet will help to know the exact cause for allergy and skin problems in pets and treat it effectively.

Preventing fleas and ticks from infesting the pets rather than treating it would be the right approach to deal with the problem. This is the secret for shiny and healthy coats in pets.

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