Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Ways To Add More Years To Your Cat’s Life

Many cat lovers have the wrong notion that they can increase the life span of their feline friend by feeding it with a diet of high quality. But a cat’s life span is not dependent on food alone.

Food no doubt constitutes an important role in increasing the life span of the cat or kitten. But there are many factors which too equally influence the lifespan of a feline. . The following article makes an effort to throw light on the same. 

Diet high in nutrition:

The importance of diet in increasing the life span of a cat can never be underestimated. Any cat lover 
Who loves his cat from the bottom of his heart will ensure that he feeds his cat with a diet rich in essential minerals and other nutrients. 

With a wide range of cat foods available in the market, it is no doubt difficult to zero in on the best diet food for a cat. The best way to provide a balanced diet to a feline friend is by consulting with his vet. 

Regular Medical checkups:

The best way to stop any medical issue from escalating in to bigger problems is by attending to it immediately in the initial stages. Say for instance, if a cat has started gaining weight in recent times, proper medical checkup followed by an exercise regime will help in getting the cat regain its original weight and shape. 

Regular tests and medical checkups if done will help detect ringworms and flea infestations in cat immediately. Fleas if left undetected may make the cat anemic. Timely medication in the form of Fiprofort Plus if administered can help save the life of the cat.

Fiprofort Plus for cat fleas:

The flea medication of Fiprofort Plus for cats, a generic version of Frontline Plus is an ideal flea medicine to be used on kittens above the age of 8 weeks. 

The key ingredients of Fipronil the insecticide and (S) Methorpene the Insect Growth Regulator act together to get rid of all stages of fleas such as adult fleas, larvae and eggs.

Being water resistant, this flea product of Fiprofort is ideal for cats going in water often. 

This flea medicine effectively controls paralysis in cats for up to 2 weeks.

The fast acting and long lasting feature of Fiprofort Plus makes it the perfect flea medication for cats of all ages. 

The effect of a single application of this flea medicine is likely to last for nearly a month. 

Unconditional love:

Last but not the least, nothing can compensate for the love and affection showered by a pet lover on his cat. A little petting along with  spending few minutes playing with a cat is enough to do the trick 

No toy can act as a substitute for the time spent by a pet owner with his cat. This does not mean that one should not indulge his pet cat with toys. The market is flooded with toys for cats and as a pet enthusiast; it is natural for pet lover to go for such toys. 

Unlike dogs, cat does not run much and they can be kept engaged by giving interactive and brain stimulation toys. 

A pet lover cannot absolve from his responsibilities by just providing his cat with toys. Spending even a few minutes every day with the pet would work wonders for the overall development of the cat. 

Cats are said to have nine lives. Try making this single life of your cat most memorable so that your cat will yearn to share its remaining eight lives with you. Happy cat breeding!

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