Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Do You Know How Your Dogs and Cats Pick Up Fleas

As a pet lover, you may be contented that you have taken good care of your pet. You use the best of flea medications such as Frontline Spray and Spot ons. But inspite  of that, your pet ends up getting up fleas and ticks often. Have you ever wondered why?

Pet are known for picking up fleas from various sources. Gaining knowledge about the same helps in protecting pet from fleas. Listed below are few of the various sources from which a pet might catch fleas:

  Treading outside:

Pet are generally prone to catch fleas when they tread outside to go for a walk or to play. As a pet lover, you would have been diligent enough to spay flea medicines in your yard to ward off fleas. But what about your neighbor?

Wandering and treading into your neighbor’s yard could also result in pesky fleas on your pet. Keeping a tab on your pet to ensure that he does not tread in to other’s yards is one of controlling fleas on your pet. By using leash, a pet can be restricted from roaming.

  Dark, moist and warm places:

Warm, dark and moist places are perfect hideouts for fleas. Leaves, grass clippings and wood piles act as prone places from where a pet can get fleas.

With the snow just melting away at the time of arrival of springs, these piles become the perfect breeding ground for fleas who hitch hiker a ride on the fur of your adorable pets.

Hence ensuring a clean yard free from debris by spraying the branded Frontline Spray always helps as the fleas seen on pets estimate for only 5% of the total flea population. Remaining 95% of the flea population is known to thrive on the surroundings.

Using Spot Ons flea medicines on pets helps drive away adult fleas and eggs, pupae and larvae from pets.

  From other animals:

Pet owners maintaining multiple pets face the problem of fleas in all their pets very often as the fleas tend to jump from a flea inflicted pet to a flea medicated pet and thus making it flea ridden.

Feral cats and rabbits roaming in the neighborhood are also great carriers of fleas. Restraining the pet from wandering will help to a great extent in preventing fleas from pouncing on the pet.

Last but not the least grooming parlors where your pet ends up meeting other pets also acts as a breeding ground from where the chances of pet catching fleas from other pets are inevitable.

Now that you are aware about the various sources from which your cute little pet can contract fleas, don’t you think it is high time you took measures to prevent the same?

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