Monday, 10 August 2015

Top 7 Methods To Remove Fleas From Your Dog.

It is actually not  fun to remove fleas from your adorable dog during any  season. Fleas not only suck your dog’s blood, but are also very difficult to dislodge and cause very serious diseases to it. Fortunately, Frontline  Small, a treatment for dog fleas definitely helps you to assure a success.
So, how can you decide to keep your pooch flea-free?

Following are some ideas to follow:

1.       Examine Your Dog For Fleas
If you find any symptom such as  your dog shakes its head more than normal or scratching its coat and so on, you should examine it very closely for fleas. If you find  fleas  attacking   your dog, their removal must be done carefully and immediately.
2.       Treat Your Yard & House
Clean your house regularly by vacuuming, washing beddings and can also do pest control. Keep trees, bushes and lawn trimmed in your yard that will help to remove the fleas.
3.       Flea Collars
You can try flea collars to repel the fleas from your dog. It is mainly helpful for protecting the head and neck from fleas. Be careful while choosing flea collar, it may cause an allergy.
4.       Flea Dips
Flea dips consist of concentrated chemicals. So, you should dilute it with water and then apply to your beloved dog’s fur with the help of a sponge. You should take an advice of a well-known vet before treating pregnant female dogs and puppies.
5.       Oral Medications
There are certain oral medicines available in the market to get rid of fleas. You can give oral medication to your dog only after prescribed by a certified vet. These medicines disturb the flea’s life cycle and remove them from your pooch’s life.
6.       Anti-Flea Shampoos
Bathe your companion with an anti-flea shampoo, which contains some medicated ingredients that will kill the fleas on contact. Repeat this treatment after every week. If it will not work, go for spot-on treatment.
7.       Spot-on Treatments  
Spot-on medication is an effective method to remove all fleas from your dog. You can buy it from your vet, pet store, or buy dog flea treatment online. This treatment really works to keep all types of parasites away from your beloved pooch.

Along with all these remedies, you can also try a product such as Frontline Gold For Small Dogs, which is a topical solution for small dogs from fleas and ticks. It is a fast-acting treatment to eliminate fleas and ticks off your adorable and cures small dogs effectively easy minus side-effects.

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