Thursday, 25 June 2015

5 Reasons Your Cat Is Always Hungry

You leave no stone un-turned to ensure your cat is having a gala time with you. Be it their nutritious foods, flea medications, accessories and much more, you have been a devoted cat lover. 

Of late, you have observed one thing in your cat which is not letting you relax, it is, no matter how much and how balanced and how different taste based foods you are feeding your cat, she is still hungry and is not satisfied, leaving you puzzled! 

Are you not feeding enough to her or is it something else that’s bothering her? Let’s introspect! 


Diabetes is a condition which may be causing an extreme sense of hunger in your cat either due to a shortage of insulin (Type 1) or a faulty response from the cells to the insulin being made (Type 2). Both prevents cat’s organs and muscles from converting the glucose to required energy, leading to excessive hunger and thirst being evident signs of diabetes in cats


Hyperthyroidism in cats is a complication due to an extra production of a thyroid hormone called thyroxine. Under this condition, extra levels of hormones push the cells and body into an overdrive, leading to increased metabolism and increased appetite. 

Inflammatory Bowel Problems 

A hungry cat may also mean that she is unable to absorb the nutrients from the eaten foods because of a gastrointestinal issue known as Inflammatory Bowel Disease. This can lead to an elevated appetite, weight loss and is common in middle aged and older cats. 

Intestinal Cancer 

Non-absorption of foods due to various types of gastrointestinal cancers can affect cat’s stomach and intestines, leading to extreme hunger can occur as well. 

Old Age 

Old age and obesity themselves are a sort of disease. As the cat turn old, she may undergo many physical and behavioral changes such as diseases as discussed above, which can eventually lead to an extreme hunger regime. 

Thus, other than just being concerned about cat flea controls and opting for Frontline Plus For Cats timely to manage fleas and ticks, you shall know carefully observe your beloved cats and look for any unusual signs such as extreme hunger and bring it to the notice of a known pet vet before it’s too late

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