Monday, 21 September 2015

5 Natural Methods Of Flea Control For Cats.

Fleas are irritating parasites which can make your fabulous feline’s life miserable. These parasites suck the blood of your cat and cause various diseases such as flea paralysis, anemia, skin infections, blood loss and much more.
Luckily, some cat care flea medications such as Frontline Plus are available to kill all life stages of fleas and make your cat completely flea-free.

Let’s see some natural methods of flea control to get rid of fleas on your cat.
1.       Give A Bath To Your Cat
Bathe your cat with a quality cat fleas shampoos. This helps your cat to slay fleas on its body and make it flea-free and happy.

2.       Flea-Comb Your Cat
After bathing your cat, you should comb its fur to remove dead fleas. After your feline is dry, comb your cat’s coat with the help of a flea comb which is specially designed for removing these stubborn fleas.

3.       Launder The Bedding  Of Your Cat Regularly
Wash your feline’s blankets, rugs and beddings regularly and dry them on high heat. This kills all larvae and eggs present on your cat’s beddings and help it become flea-free.

4.       Clean Your House & Yard Regularly
Vacuum your whole house including all corners, crevices and furniture at least once a week to kill  fleas in your house. Along with your home, clean your yard by trimming shrubs, herbs, trees and lawn. It really works wonders to remove fleas on your cat.

5.       Try Diatomaceous Earth (DE)
Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is a natural deposit which dehydrates these annoying fleas and kills them. Take some DE powder and sprinkle it on your cat’s fur in the house and yard to get relief from these  annoying parasites.

Try these mentioned natural methods to get rid of fleas on your kitty. You may also use one of the most effective flea medicines such as Fiprofort Plus For Cats & Kittens, which is a long lasting flea medication that kills adult fleas, flea eggs, ticks and larvae. It also protects your cat from flea allergy dermatitis minus side-effects.


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