Friday, 22 May 2015

Fleas On Dog Breeds; What To Do

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Fleas have more than 2000 species and subspecies and they thrive in warm, hot and humid environments.Be it any dog breed, irrespective of being small and lean, big and strong and sturdy; feed on the blood of their hosts.
 Let’s know some of the aspects of the dog fleas.


Why Are Dogs Vulnerable To Fleas?

Dogs have great hair coats and since they love to discover many places, often the places dominated by fleas, gets attacked easily. Fleas love to host on dogs as they are able to hide anywhere they want and lay eggs in a secure and warm place.


What Are The Signs Of Fleas In Dogs?

  • Appearance of ‘flea dirt' on a dog’s coat
  • Flea eggs on dogs or in a dog’s environment
  • Hair loss
  • Allergy dermatitis
  • Pale gums
  • Tapeworms
  • Ticks
  • Hot spots and scabs


Are Certain Dog Breeds Prone To Fleas?

Yes, dogs especially those who live in warm and hot/humid climates where fleas easily thrive at 65 to 80 F, and those who love to go out and live outdoors are expected to get fleas.


 How Do Fleas Be Treated?

When you know that your dog has been attacked by fleas, you can use flea control remedy for pets such as Advantix for small dogs or even best Generic Frontline Plus.

These aforementioned flea medications are quality laden and pet vet approved as they kill all infestations minus inflicting side-effects based complications.

Have pets? You need to be on your toes to ensure that they don’t fall ill due to flea infestations and even if they do, you have a quality flea medication to protect your darling pets from the menacing clutches of fleas and companions such as ticks, lice and more.

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