Sunday, 15 March 2015

Buying Flea Medications For Dog/Cat? Consider These Things!

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There are so many types & brands of flea & tick medicines available in the market (you can also order online pet medications) that you may get overwhelmed or confused choosing what is best for your pooch!

Have a look at these few important & vital aspects that should be considered before getting your first flea and tick repellent/control product!

Cats Or Dogs

There are some general pet medications that can be given to both cats & dogs, under an expert vet's supervision, to resolve a health problem. But pet flea control medications are not one of such medicines!
  • When it comes to fleas & ticks, you must pick one that is especially made either for cat or dog depending on what type of pet you own.
  • Not only are such medicines or treatments specifically made to be effective for doggies (or vice versa), there are some ingredients in it that can be harmful, or even deadly, for cats. So never use dog flea treatments on cats or vice versa
  • Also, carefully read the product labels & only use as described or directed
  • Consult with your vet, if in doubt

Flea Or Tick Species Effectiveness
  • There are a numerous species of ticks & fleas worldwide including the cat flea, black-legged tick, & brown dog tick just to name a few
  • Consult with your vet & know what type of ticks and/or fleas is active in the area you live, and also make sure that the medication you are considering or using is effective against those types of parasites

  • You will find cat or dog parasite control medications in a variety of types or forms that includes wipes, foggers, collars, shampoos, dips, spot-ons, as well as oral medications
  • Some medicines repel ticks as well as fleas; some attack their immature stages (larvae, pupae, & eggs) in order to avert the re-occurrence of parasites; while, other medications kill adult ticks & fleas. You will also find some products that do all three
  • Read the product labels and choose the best medication for your dog or cat’s situation; consult with your vet if you are in doubt


Other important things to be considered are the preferences & lifestyle of you and your pet. Possibly your pup is not a big fan of getting spot-on parasite preventives and won't let you treat it; try a flea/tick collar or talk to your vet and ask to prescribe some oral flea/tick preventives (i.e., tablets).

But remember that there isn’t really a good/bad or right/wrong choice when it comes to picking flea and tick medicines. Just pick the one that best suits for your situations including your pet’s environment & health conditions.

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