Wednesday, 5 March 2014

How To Treat The Uninvited Guests Of Fleas Using Frontline Kit?

Do you have to bear with the uninvited guests of fleas and ticks in to your home and yard just because you have a pet in your house? Till few years ago pet owners drove away fleas on pets by using dog collars. Another effective method for getting rid of fleas was by washing the pet thoroughly. 

But not anymore, with so many flea medications having flooded the market, you as a buyer have become the king for choosing the flea product which you feel is right for your pet.

For new pet owners who want to go for the best flea medication for their pet, Frontline would be the right choice. This is because a single application of Frontline flea medicine would help to keep the fleas away from home and the pet for nearly a month. Being a water proof flea medicine, you need not worry even if your pet wanders in to water.

Puppies and Flea Medication:

Flea medication for puppies has to be chosen with lot of care. This is because the skin of puppies is delicate and sensitive. The harsh chemical used for the manufacture of the flea medicine may damage the puppy’s skin and internal organs permanently. 

The right way would be to consult a vet before deciding to go for any flea medication. Most vets recommend the Frontline flea and tick medication because of the trust and name the brand has earned over the years.

Why Frontline for Puppies?

If you are a pet owner with a new puppy or puppies, then buying the Frontline plus kit would be the ideal choice for the simple reason that a Frontline kit is a self-contained kit. 

The Frontline kit consists of a factory sealed tube of Frontline which would last for nearly 6 months. 
For pet lovers who want to use the medicine in dosages, the same can be done using the tools in the kit.
This can be done by dividing the medicine in the pipette into appropriate dosages required for each month. 
The remaining medicine can be stored and used whenever required. 

Cheaper version of Frontline Plus :

For pet lovers who would like to go for a cheaper version, the Generic Frontline Plus would be the best. The generic version of Frontline plus is manufactured without a patent to save costs and hence it is available in a cost effective price in the market

Ingredients of Frontline flea medicine:

Both Frontline and Generic Frontline Plus flea medicines are manufactured using the same ingredients of Fipronil and (s) Methoprene. 

These insecticides act as Insect Growth Regulators destroying fleas and ticks which are eggs, larvae and adult fleas... 

Aspis Forte another key active ingredient of Frontline is considered excellent for puppies above 8 weeks of age. 

The puppies that are administered with Frontline can be aptly called as Frontline puppies as they not only become free from flea infestation but also show healthy signs of improvement in their growth. 

Why bear with uninvited fleas and ticks in to your house when the flea medicine of Frontline can keep them at bay?

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