Monday, 24 March 2014

Dealing With Small Dogs -A Few Tips

Small dogs are always in demand. They have a lot of fan followers. Being cute, adorable, cuddly and easily transportable, they are always the top priority among pet lovers. Their maintenance costs works out low due to their small size. This can be either in the form of less eating, less shedding of hair.

Most small dogs enjoy a long life span as compared to bigger dogs. They do not require much effort in terms of daily exercise. A visit to any apartment or building will be a testimony to the truth of the demand for small dogs and puppies.

In the modern world of small living spaces and space constraint, small dogs are the perfect answer for fulfilling the desire of pet lovers to maintain a pet. But small dogs have their own attitude, behavioral and aggression problems. 

Being small in stature, a slight infection occurring due to an accident or infestation of fleas has to handle deftly as their sustaining capacity is very poor. 

Fleas pose a perpetual threat to the puppies or small dogs due to their inquisitive nature which takes them to most unlikely places and makes their body a breeding hub for fleas. 

Each action of pet small dogs reveals a whole lot of things which a pet lover may be clueless about. Barking is one such action. The following discussion below about the barking sound made by a small dog  may help to throw light on the same:

Barking is a way of communication especially for small dogs. They love to communicate to us. This could be done either to show their love and affection or wanting to meet their needs of thirst or food or it could simply be a way of letting others know about the inevitable dangers lurking. 

Puppies may even start barking to show their discomfort .This generally happens when they are afflicted with fleas. The right thing to do would be to pay attention and understand the cause for their barking and treat them immediately for fleas.

Most pet owners shy away from treating their pets for reasons best known to them. This is just not done. If left uncontrolled, fleas can be life threatening for a small helpless puppy. The Frontline plus small dogs is an effective flea medication for pups and small dogs. 

Treating a small dog for fleas less than 8 weeks of age using harsh flea products is not advisable. But puppies above 8 weeks can safely be administered with cheap Frontline medication. 

The insecticide of Fipronil and (S) Methoprene form the main ingredients in Frontline plus. Puppies being sensitive cannot be administered with harsh flea medication as the risk of damaging their internal organs becomes inevitable. 

Along with being sensitive to listen and understand the barks of small puppies, a pet lover also has to identify the aggressive and behavioral problems. This could be a warning sign for an underlying problem. 

What may prove to be a right approach with big dogs may not work for small dogs. The best way is to be sensitive to the smallest needs of a small dog and fulfill the same. This would be very negligible compared to the countless happiness small dogs provide. 

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