Thursday, 18 October 2012

Generic Frontline Plus Gives the Best Pest Remedy at Low Price

All about fleas in dogs

Is your lovely dog constantly itching and scratching? Is it biting aggressively and scratching vigorously at himself? It’s time to check the bugs. Start by giving special attention to the dog’s tummy, base of the tail and ears as it is here where pests mostly live. Left untreated, these pesky parasites can lead to severe medical problems including anemia, infections, allergies and tapeworms. Once your house gets infested, everyone in the family is likely to face the consequences as fleas and ticks are happy to bite unsuspecting humans prior to moving to their desired host—your furry friend. Fleas and ticks are a bane in a dog or puppy's life. These make them to itch, itch and itch. Flea and tick bites are not only painful but can also cause infection lest not treated properly and in the nick of time. Ticks can transmit Lyme disease and transfer this to your dog and result in a devastating ailment. If fleas and ticks become a difficulty for your lovely dog then be sure that it will also become a nuisance in your house. But you can now forget all these worries with Frontline Plus for Dogs 0-22lbs, the best flea medication. It is available in Generic Frontline Plus, a leading online pet store. You can now make your dear friend lead a life free from fleas and ticks without burning a hole in your pocket as it is available at discounted prices.

Keep your dog away from fleas and ticks with Frontline Plus for dogs 0-22lb

This is one of the best flea and tick preventive for dogs and puppies. It has specially been designed for dogs weighing between 0-22lbs. It provides effective and long-lasting control of ticks and fleas on both your beloved dog and your home. This flea medication kills up to 100% of all the existing fleas in a single day of its application and continues to kill them for up to 30 days. Its active ingredient fipronil is stowed in the oil glands below your dog’s skin following which it is continuously distributed to the hair and skin of your friend via the hair follicles. Frontline Plus for dogs 0-22lbs has been approved to be used on puppies aged above 8 weeks. It remains water resistant for up to 1 month, even if your dog is bathed, swims, or goes out in the sun. Buy now from Generic Frontline Plus and give your furry friend the best flea medication at low prices.

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