Tuesday, 9 October 2012

A natural tick medication for dog

Tick and fleas have evolved thousands of years back and biologically evolved to feed on the blood of animals including dogs and cats. It is absolutely essential to protect your pet from the attack of flea and ticks and for that natural remedy promises the best assistance.
  • Vinegar: Give your pet a bath with a mixture of a 1/2-part apple cider vinegar with 1/2-part Dawn dish detergent. Dry the fur and outer coat of pet. Be careful while using this solution for pet and keep it away from a pet’s eyes.
  • Lemon: Extract of lemon works as a great home remedy for killing flea and ticks. Lemon helps in killing existing ticks and fleas on pet’s fur and also destroys the egg and larva on them.
  • Garlic: It acts as a natural tick medication for dogs as it repels the fleas. One can add garlic supplements to the diet of the dog.

Before using these natural cures on your pet always consult veterinarian and make sure all are harmless to your pet and will help in killing flea and ticks on them.If you wanted to have formulated flea medication at your home to be on safer side to immediately treat a parasite attack then you can go for Frontline Plus. It is easily available at affordable prices at genericfrontlineplus.com. With facilities like free shipping and discount prices.

So, what are you waiting for apply natural remedies and use Frontline product for total removal of fleas on your pet.

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