Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Frontline Plus - the advanced flea and tick control for dogs option

Importance of flea and tick control for your dog and Frontline plus for dog

Flea and ticks can cause a lot of misery for you as well as for your dog. Although there are more than  two thousand kinds of but do you know that, there is only one particular types that is enough to create havoc on you dog’s life. An what shall we say about fleas, they just lie in waiting to pounce on a prey and feed on their blood. To relieve your dog and yourself  from this ordeal, it is necessary that you find something that can be called a proper flea and tick control measure. Amongst the commercial ones, the most popular flea and tick preventative as well as measure is the Frontline Plus for dog, one of the most advanced forms for controlling flea and ticks.

Frontline Plus meant for dog is considered to be a fast as well as convenient and effective flea and tick preventative and control for dogs which is used on dogs and puppies alike. It contains fipronil and S-methopre. These two are the most active ingredients in Frontline Plus. Fipronil is chemical that damages the central nervous system of the parasites while S-methopre is an insect growth regulator. It should be noted that insect growth regulators inhibits or in simple language interrupts the life cycle of the parasites. Thus, they never develop into a biting, jumping and itching adult. The reproduction of fleas is also reduced to a great extent.

Frontline Plus for Dog benefits:

Benefits of flea tick control in terms of Frontline Plus include;

  • Killing all the existing fleas within a day,
  • One application provides protection for up to thirty days,
  • Aids in controlling sarcoptic mage infections,
  • Being waterproof is great for pets that loves to swim,
  •  Also efficiently kills ticks as well as chewing lice.

Flea and tick control with Frontline Plus for dog  will ensure that these pests are gone within a very short time. For best results, repeat application after one month. 

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