Monday, 23 February 2015

Why You Must Consult A Known Veterinarian For Your Pet’s Medications?

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To prevent or treat a disease or health issue of your pet, you must consult with a well-known veterinarian only. 

Even if it is just about switching your usual flea treatment brand, you should first consult with your vet, for example Frontline Plus or Advantix, or Fiprofort Plus for that matter, can be used safely on all cats and dogs, but if you want try new brand you must not just buy and use without considering your vet’s advice. 

Understanding key information about any medicines and knowing how to use them or how to treat your pooch with it will help your pet’s normal recovery or persistent good health.

Just as you would talk to your physician about your health reports, medicines, and other related things, you must also consult with your vet before getting any medications on your own for your furry love.

Let’s check out how helpful it can be and why you should consult a known vet:

  • A vet can tell you exactly what medication(s) is/are needed for your pooch and for how long to treat your pet with it depending on its:
  • Medical history
  • Current health conditions
  • Other medications (if any)
  • Also, for some medicines, you can’t decide how to give, meaning with or without food like that! For this you must talk to your vet
  • Giving the exact amount of dosage at the right time, suggested by vet, will only help your pooch get well faster
  • Another important reason to consult with vet is, you wouldn’t know what to do if your pup vomits or just spits out the medicine! In such case your vet may advise you to switch to another brand or may suggest something else or may even ask to stop the treatment; you never know!
  • Some prescriptions—for example antibiotics—need to be given for some more time, even though your four-legged friend is feeling absolutely well
  • Last but not least; your doggie’s health buddy may want to check it or may want to take some health tests just to ensure that the prescribed medicine is functioning as it should

So regularly visit your vet and take care of your pooch as you would take of yourself or your family. Pet health care is also important for you and the pet, as a family, for being healthy and happy always.

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