Friday, 6 February 2015

Know About French Bulldogs

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Affectionately called as Frenchie, the French Bulldog is a bat-eared dog breed with an oddly unique yet beautiful appeal.

The French bulldog is a small breed but is substantial in build that has a muscular body. The breed has a short and easy-care coat. The Frenchie loves to play around, but it also likes to spend its days relaxing on the couch.

Let’s explore more about this oddly beautiful breed.


Compared to other breeds, French bulldogs need a little exercise. Generally, they have a bit low energy levels. However, a Frenchie would need a daily walk or play times to keep the weight maintained. Frenchies are likely to have heat exhaustion and thus shouldn’t be exercised much under  hot temperatures.


While training a Frenchie, keep in mind that although they are intelligent and generally keen to please, they can be stubborn at times. To temper your Frenchie dog’s interest, try and make training sessions seem like a fun game with a lot of fun accompanied with treats and prizes.

Crate train your Frenchie in its puppyhood, so that you don’t have to face behavioral problems while training in it the future.


Frenchies are easy to groom. An occasional brushing is fine to keep the breed’s coat healthy. Start grooming your pooch  at an early stage. Check its eyes and ears for  discharges/bad smells and teeth or mouth for bad breath or decay. Also, while grooming, check for any bare spots, scabs, rough, skin lesions, flaky skin, fleas and ticks, and/or any signs of infections.

Here are some overall grooming tips

  • Clean its ears with a damp and warm cloth and gently run a cotton ball or cloth around the ear canals’ edges. (Don’t stick the cloth into the actual canal ever)
  • If the ear canal edges are dry, apply some baby oil sparingly
  • You can also use this trick of applying baby oil on your pup’s dry nose
  • Frenchies need a regular nails trimming. A regular nail trimming will prevent painful splitting and tearing
  • Keep your Frenchie’s facial wrinkles dry and clean in order to prevent any bacterial infections
  • Don’t forget regular visits to your vet for general health checkups
  • Bathing is important, too
  • While bathing your Frenchie, use a good quality pet shampoo
  • After bathing, thoroughly dry the skin between the folds
  • Bathe your Frenchie regularly or as needed
  • If you suspect your pooch of parasites, use high quality tick prevention products such as Certifect for Dogs

Frenchies have a wonderful nature that is both mischievous and humorous; the French bulldog is a breed which needs a companion who is firm, consistent and easy-going with all its antics or idiosyncrasies that make it both frustrating as well as delightful!

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