Sunday, 25 August 2013

List of different dog breeds and diseases that may occur on them

Interesting pet lovers love to explore different dog breeds and  keep searching for breeds which wow them. If you are among those curious pet lovers who love to adore different dog breeds then check out this list of dogs which you can bring  home.

Dog breeds with their estimated prices:

·         German Shepherd (Alsation) ( $3,000 – $24,000) 
·         Cavalier King Charles Spaniel ($1,000 – $14,000)
·         Samoyed ($4,000 – $11,000)
·         English Bulldog ( $2,500 – $9,000)
·         Chow Chow ($3,000 – $8,500)
·         Rottweiler ($2,000 – $8,000)
·         Tibetan Mastiff ($2,200 – $7,000)
·         Pharaoh Hound ( $2,500 – $6,500)
·         Bearded Collie ($1,000 and $5,000)
·         Akita ($1,500 – $4,500)
·         Samoyed Husky priced $4000

Above are very interesting dog breeds and is becoming the status symbol for their owners. One can see these stylish dogs in the hands of our stylish celebrities.

Money, ­­­behavior and your requirements are  the constraints to think before you avail the dog breed for your pet. If you ready to spend the above amount for respective dog breeds then you also need to spend on the pet care stuffs such as dog grooming, vaccinations and veterinarian bills.   

It is also essential to avail dog products which are trusted and medically approved. Our pets are prone to several diseases and infections if you want them to do well then know what are the common diseases occurring to  them and solutions to help them out from the problems.

  • Dental problems:
  • Flea problems:
  • Joint pain:
  • Ear infection:
  • Skin infections:
  • Stomach problems:

Above are common dog health problems; find the suitable treatment for them by taking help from a known veterinarian.

Avail dog medications for common health problems. Parasite attack is one of the most irritating problems that pets face; hence it is advisable to avail Frontline Plus for medium dogs and cats according to their sizes from trusted shop GenericFrontlinePlus

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