Friday, 16 August 2013

Explore The Natural Ways To Heal The Flea Problems

Are you trying to kill the fleas on your pet And tired of this hectic job then let me introduce you with the very popular flea control remedies which are safe and absolutely natural for sure?

Give a bath to your pet:

I know it sounds ridiculous that I am addressing such a huge problem with such a stupid answer but follow this if your pet has lots of fleas; bathing your pet with herbal shampoos, flea control essential oils such as Cedarwood, lavender, citronella and similar oils will help to treat the fleas on them.

While bathing a pet, prepare the leather around their neck and ears. This will restrict fleas to jump all around the body. After bathing, ensure to comb the fur with a fine toothed flea comb.

It is also suggested to comb the fur of your pet every day. Neck, stomach and base of the tail are most vulnerable places for fleas hence concentrate on these places.

Nontoxic flea trap:

Put a flea trap prepared from soap and keep it under night lamp where your pet sleeps. The fleas will get attracted to the warmth of the light and will get drawn in the soapy solution.

Use garlic and vinegar to control fleas:

Prepare a vinegar spray and spray it on the areas where you see maximum fleas. Lemon sprays are also very popular to kill the life cycle of parasites. Fleas cannot resist the strong smell possess by these ingredients.

Go with veterinarian approved flea medications:

If you think that you cannot treat the fleas with natural remedies and find the need for flea medications then go with the advice of your veterinarian. Frontline Plus for dog and cat are popular brand which is suggested for external use and safe for the pets.

Get the proper flea treatment to eradicate all the parasites from your pet. Avail cost effective and cheap Frontline plus for dogs to eradicate fleas within few hours.

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