Monday, 24 June 2013

Why flea prevention is so essential

Dogs and dog fleas go hand in hand so it is common for fleas to attack dogs and thus proper flea control is essential. It has been observed that when properly not taken care of the flea infection in dogs become very serious and thus it is vital that one take proper and very good care of the dogs.

Dog flea prevention is very essential as otherwise the pet loses blood slowly and gradually becomes very weak. Dog fleas as well as ticks both are very serious blood suckers and thus one must not take these pests lightly.

It has been seen proved by research that these small fleas suck up blood from animals and they can suck up blood more than 15 times their own body weight. Especially during the breeding season they suck up more blood and thus the pet becomes very weak.

If the pet is a  puppy then it is essential that immediate flea prevention is taken care of as otherwise the puppy can fall ill!  . This is one reason why if a puppy or a kitten is infected by fleas then it must be rushed to the vet as soon as possible. It has been seen that where there is a delay things take the worse turn.

It is suggested by vets all over the world that there must not be any delay in the right flea control for all pets be it acat or a dog.

It is also suggested by them that the way of flea treatment must be natural and not artificial so that the little animal is not affected by any means.

If one follows these simple steps then it will be assured that their pets remain healthy and happy and live a long life.
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