Tuesday, 6 January 2015

5 Steps To Help Your Dog To Be Healthy

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If our pets are happy we are also happy. All pet owners want their dogs to be healthy and fit; they also do their best to provide them with their needs. Let’s find here some of the proper guidelines to help your dog to be healthy and happy.
  • Expert Vet Care
Provide the pet with the expert vet care. Regular check-ups with an expert are a must for the dog’s overall health maintenance. The routine wellness checkup of the pet should be done twice a year. If the pet suffers from chronic health condition then the expert’s recommendation is a must. Regular checkup allows monitoring the dog’s health and control and treatment from any illness.
  • Proper Nutrition
Proper diet and nutrition should be followed to keep the dog healthy. The diet taken directly affects the pet’s coat and skin, their weight, energy level and functioning of gastro intestine. If any problem occurs within these areas, they are directly linked to the diet.

High quality and nutritious foods should be provided. The right foods in right amount should be provided as obesity is also a common problem that is caused due to over eating and lazing around.

Along with obesity, weight loss can also occur as a result of poor diet. If there is a sudden change in the food, it can lead to vomiting and diarrhea, so consultation with an expert is a must before giving any food to the pet.
  • Regular Exercise
As with healthy diet, regular exercise for 1 – 2 hours is a must. The amount of exercise also varies with the breed, age and size. The pet owner should determine the ideal exercise for the pet and set a routine.
  •  Dental Care
Along with foods and exercise, dental care is also a must. The tarter and plaque buildups can lead to many health problems gradually. Regular brushing of the dog’s teeth should be done with the use of an oral rinse. Proper consultation with a known pet vet is a must.

  • Regular Grooming
Regular grooming is an important and basic need that helps to keep the dog healthy in the longer run. The grooming needs also depends on the breed.  A grooming regime includes hair brushing, haircut, bathing, and nail trimming and so on. The pet owner should follow proper grooming with proper grooming tools. Consultation with a certified pet vet   becomes a must for the grooming need.

Our four-legged pet cannot tell about their illness, so we have to recognize it by the signs given to us. With proper diet, exercise and grooming needs, we can help our pet to live healthy and stay happy.

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