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Let’s Know A Bit About Gastric Ulcers In Horses

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Horses are a part of our life in many ways and also serve as a pet in most of the cases or groomed as a racing superstar. Every effort is taken by a horse lover to ensure he has a long, sturdy and healthy life. 

However, as diseases and complications is a part of our life and is bound to happen now and then, even pet animals such as dogs, cats and horses are no exceptions. Horses although live almost a health life but sometimes a grim situation called gastric ulcers can ruin everything. 

Yes, let’s know a bit about gastric ulcers in horses so that one can easily take care of this situation and the horses come out healthy if affected. 

Gastric ulcers in horses are nothing but an ulcer inside stomach of the horses just above breastbone and could be very painful similar to heartburn especially when the horses are made to work extensively. 

Gastric ulcers in horses are common and mostly happen to such horses that are mostly involved in heavy physical duties including racing and it can affect a horse at any age and foals are mostly vulnerable to it as they secrete gastric acid as early as 2 days and the gastric fluid acid is high. 

Why Gastric Ulcers In Horses Are Common

It’s because ofthe fact that a horse’s stomach is quite smaller compared to stomach of other animals and as a result, horses are unable to handle and digest large amount of foods and are built to gaze small but frequent amount of foods over an extended period of time. 

Thus, when horses are fed two times in a day, stomach is exposed to prolonged period without food to neutralize the acid as horse stomach keeps producing acids 24/7 and a high-grain diet may also give rise to the complication of gastric acid in horses.

Gastric Ulcer Symptoms

Direct symptoms are not visible for gastric ulcers; some subtle however may be taken as a cue for gastric ulcers such as:

  • Dullness
  • Poor appetite
  • Changes in the attitude
  • Sudden decrease of performance
  • Reluctance to train or run
  • Poor body posture
  • Badly managed/poor hair coat
  • Weight loss
  • Too much time being spent lying and resting
  • Loose motions

How Is Gastric Ulcers In Horses Diagnosed

It’s good news that gastric ulcers in horses could be diagnosed and treatment could be started. The only method to diagnose gastric ulcers is through gastric endoscopy or gastroscopy. 

Medicine/Solution On Gastric Ulcers In Horses

Along with medicine, there need to be made crucial lifestyle changes for horses to not only cure the condition but also prevent it from reoccurrence. 

Although there are various medicines available in the market for gastric ulcer in horses, the one with a vet recommendation is Omaktive Oral Paste For Horses 370 Mg which does not comes with any issue of side-effects if used as directed. 

Some other lifestyle changes to be made that includes
  • Feeding horses on a frequent basis as it buffer the acid and stimulate nature’s best antacid, the saliva.
  • Adding alfafa hay to the diet and reducing grain and concentrate. The diet must be discussed with a known pet before implementation.
  • Decrease or keeping away from the usage of anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Don’t let the horses have stressful situations such as training and transporting.
  • Allow horses to relax freely and socialize with other horses to feel good from inside.

Thus, with aforementioned piece of info, it becomes even clearer as to what gastric ulcers in horses are and how to go about it if one’s horse gets affected. 

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