Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Precautions to be taken while using flea medication

If you are new to this world of fleas, you could take help a professional groomer or a vet while applying flea medication as precaution necessary while doing so.

As fleas and ticks are very common in the case of cats and dogs, flea medication should always be kept handy. It will not only help to cure but also help in preventing the further growth of these pests.

Experienced pet owners know how to use them effectively. However, relatively inexperienced users may find it a little tough or may not know the right ways to use it. Here is a list of precautions to be used …

• Apply it evenly-
As per our human tendency, we tend to apply more of it on the affected areas. If the amount of medicine applied is more than required, it can percolate into the internal systems of your pet and can lead to nerve problem or certain skin infection. 

• Rinse flea shampoos after use-
Some pet owners use flea shampoos to kill fleas. It needs to be rinsed thoroughly after use as it contains certain chemicals. As animals are known to lick their bodies clean up they may intake some of these chemicals and may lead to gastric or nerve problems.

• Read the usage guidelines-
Some products are to be used considering factors like size, age and breed of the animal. The contents are developed keeping in mind these factors. If the right product is not used on the right animal, again it may lead to some side effects. One classic example is a dog flea product used on cats!!

• How to apply?
Apart from the   most flea medications are to be manually applied on to the pet’s fur. You should use gloves or at least wash your hands thoroughly with an antiseptic to get rid of the toxins from your hands. If not, it could lead to some reactions.

Flea and tick medicines are developed in such a way that it kills the pests. So the chemicals used in it are naturally toxic. Although the makers try to make them as user friendly as possible, the end users should still practice caution. If you are new to this world of fleas, you could take help a professional groomer or a vet. 

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