Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Poor pet health and fleas and ticks

As the warm weather slowly creeps in, dog owners slowly starts worrying about those tough as well as relentless survivors known as flea and ticks. However, have you ever wondered why some of the cats and dogs have a more severe problem while other pets hardly have any anything to do with these parasites?

The fleas and ticks present in your pet can be a very obvious indicator of the animal’s health. Parasites in general especially fleas attack an unhealthy, weak or a very young animal whose immune system in not functioning at its best. Therefore, the best flea and tick prevention can be reducing yours pet’s susceptibility by improving its health.

The best way for a flea and tick prevention program for your cat or dog is to have a strong immune system. You can start off by providing your pet with proper, species appropriate and nutritious meals. A healthy diet consisting of fresh foods will work wonders in keeping fleasand ticks away. However, steer clear away from processed kibble or canned foods as your pet might have indigestion with them.

The food that you feed your pet should be able to provide all the nutritional components that are deemed to be necessary for all organs as well as systems of a healthy body so as to perform in unison. When the question of providing proper diet to your pet arises, this means looking beyond your own opinions, agendas and needs so as to address the natural needs of the animals that you are responsible to feed and take care of.

Thus, your pets will be raised according to their species and nature. Cats and dogs which are the most favored species of pets and are carnivores need to be fed accordingly so that they are able to maintain optimal health. Only a healthy pet will be able to ward of fleas and ticks so therefore make it your mission today to give your pet that maximum love and care of course through the tender way of his/her stomach. 

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