Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Safe Natural Flea Control Options

There are tons of flea products available in the pet store but to find safe flea medication for our pets is not an easy task. The reason is flea medication possesses serious side effects. These side effects range from itching, scratching to serious skin infection or even death also. So many pet owners are looking for safe natural flea control options.

Flea and ticks prefer pets having lower immune system. So first natural flea control option is to feed high nutritional value food. A good diet will help to establish and boost the immune system. Regular feeding of essential fatty acids such as omega-3-fatty acid and omega-6-fatty acid will promote the immune system as well health of skin and hair coat. Digestive system, probiotics and prebiotics will aid in the digestion process.

Another safe natural flea control option is diatomaceous earth powder. The tiny particles are sharp enough to penetrate the protective shell of fleas, dehydrates them which leads to death of fleas. Diatomaceous earth is a non toxic powder for pets and for the environment. But make sure your pet does not inhale it during application because inhalation may lead to side effects. For best results sprinkle diatomaceous earth powder in your home every 72 hours or 3 days. It will help to kill all fleas.

Organic pet shampoos are also safe natural flea control option for your pets. Organic pet shampoo contains different natural oils to repel flea such as cedar oils and tea tree oil. You can either make spray of these oils or buy organic shampoo from a pet store.

Always keep this in mind that every product labelled as “Organic” does not mean that it is safe. Some oils can be toxic to pets, so use products approved by FDA for pets or veterinary approved products for your pets. This will minimize side effects 

due to flea medication.
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