Friday, 23 November 2012

Side-Effects That your pet might Have From Flea And Tick Products

After using tick and flea control product some pet might experience side effects such as:

Loss of Appetite
  • As you apply pet medication to your cat or dog they try to touch the affected areas where medication has been applied. Accidently they might test the medication. This leads to appetite loss as well as an upset stomach to the cats. To minimize these effects give your pet maximum quantity of water to drink.
Skin Irritation
  • Red spots and sensitivity occur at the application place and products such as Aspis Forte for Cats are known to cause redness of skin. Though this is not the serious side effect but one has to ask their veterinarian about the solution for this.
  • If you find swelling and rash on the pet’s body immediately seeks the medical help. If accidently medication drops in the eyes of the pet, seek veterinary assistance immediately.
 Excess Salivation and Drooling
  • Studies suggest that if pet ingested the products like Aspis Forte for Cats then there are chances of excess of salivation along with drooling to them. To minimize the chances of this it is advised to apply the product where your pets fail to touch. It is essential for pet owner to watch the pet for next 24 hours so that medication can absorb in pets body and to avoid salivation and drooling.

Vomiting and Diarrhea
  • The above symptoms occur if overdose of the medication is given. The symptoms, such as respiratory problems, aggression, seizures and trembling, indicate that your cat is having some problem and should be treated instantly.
To avoid the above read the instruction on the label provided with tick and flea control product. Buy the best pet mediation and save your pets from harm!

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