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How to apply Frontline spray on your pets?

Facts about frontline spray!!

Frontline Spray for pets provides an effective protection against ticks and fleas which comes in an easy to apply spray. While applying this spray some precautions are to be taken care of such as putting on a pair of latex gloves so as to protect your own skin.Then use spray over your pet’s neck,legs, stomach, back  and shoulders. Do not use this Frontline plus for dogs directly from the spray can and apply to the dog’s head or eye area. Instead, spray on the gloved hand and apply in the hair in these two areas by hand.  Allow one or two pumps per pound of body weight of the entire body to ensure the right amount of coverage. 

Some pet owners have concerns that the pests that bite their animals do not allow the product to work. It is simply not true. The Frontline Spray and other products of Frontline works for the diseases as they come in contact with the skin of your pet. Another misunderstanding is that the visual existence of more fleas after application means that it is not working. But the reality is exactly opposite. Frontline flea spray excites the fleas and brings them to the body’s surface before dying.


1.   Use FRONTLINE SPRAY quantity calculator to apply the amount of spray pushes for your pet. The amount of spray pushes need to be equally separated over the five parts of your animal’s body. Divide the amount of spray pushes determined using FRONTLINE SPRAY quantity finance calculator by 5.
(You’ll also find a data displaying weights and dose over the label on the bottle).
2.       Always discover a well-ventilated area and use silicone safety gloves to implement this drug. Be sure   you can effectively detain your pet during this process.
3.       Adjust the nozzle of the spray to the desired pattern before applying the spray.
4.   To implement, simply ruffle your pet’s coat to uncover the skin. Hold the bottle; implement FRONTLINE SPRAY over his entire body. You should apply the same number of applications, at a calculated amount, over all the  5 areas.

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