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Best way to kill fleas and ticks on your cat-Frontline plus

Best way to kill fleas and ticks on your cat-Frontline plus

Dealing with a cat which is infected with fleas is extremely difficult. Fleas are parasitic organisms that suck blood of both animals and humans. They can stay anywhere, in your bed sheet, your carpet, and even in your plants. Once your home is infected with fleas it will be very difficult to get rid of them.

The best way to eliminate fleas from your home includes treating all infected animals, as well as using a Frontline flea treatment for your pet as well as your carpets and furniture. There are many products to get rid of fleas. Frontline Plus for cats is one of them, it is a cat flea treatment product. Frontline has become a very popular flea treatment, since it is pretty effective at managing fleas.

How cats get fleas?      

Normally we all think that pets that spend time outdoors will eventually get fleas. But this is not the only source from which your cat gets infected. Knowing the other sources will be beneficial for you. These are:

  • Cats can get infested with these worms by eating fleas during grooming
  • Through contact with other animals
  • With fleas in the environment
  • From infected bedding

FRONTLINE Plus for Cats Flea and Tick Treatment 

Frontline Plus is a fast, effective and convenient treatment that controls flea and ticks for cats and kittens . It kills 100% of the adult fleas and 100% of the ticks within 18 hours and 48 hours respectively.

Frontline Plus contains
  • Fipronil, which affects flea and ticks nerve activity.
  • S-methoprene which kills all flea stages.
The medicines can be bought in easy packs of 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. You can purchase them according to your need .Such as if your pets health is severe you should purchase, Frontline plus for cats 6 months pack and if your pets infection is minor you can go for Frontline plus for cats 3 months pack.

This product is also available for dogs as Frontline plus for dogs. This product varies according to the weight of your dog.

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